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Han Kangwoo @ episodes 1-16

Congratulations on your very first drama debut, Do Kyungsoo! You may be the living proof of author-nim’s misery but you will stay forever. I wish you more luck on your future drama appearances!

우리 한강우 잘했어!

Oh Sehun’s thrusts over the years (▰˘◡˘▰)

oh sehun no sehun

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chanyeol - die jungs photobook ©

chanyeol pls

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fucking feels

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kim jongdae: a brief introduction (requested)

self explanatory

holy fuck

i think i’m turned on

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chanyeol trolling chen 

jongdae T^T

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reaction challenge / first kiss scene

wtf do you call this ship i don’t even know

…and this is why you gotta love kim taehyung

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